Foodservice Solutions

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Specialty – Military, Theme Parks, Airlines, & Leisure

Non-traditional foodservice venues require unique products. We offer several individually wrapped products that suit operational needs. Add Udi’s Gluten Free products to your menu to elevate your customer experience.


Product Recommendations & Operator Benefits

IW Whole Grain Dinner Roll Soft and nutritious, our individually wrapped dinner rolls are a perfect accompaniment to your customers’ favorite comfort food.

IW Chocolate Chip Cookie Our individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies allow your customers a quick treat on-the-go.

IW Classic Hamburger Buns Individually wrapped for ease of handling, your staff will be able to simply substitute the typical bun to accompany your existing gluten free burger offering.

IW Double Chocolate Muffin Double chocolate-y and delicious, these individually wrapped muffins can be enjoyed at breakfast, for a snack, or to satisfying treat for dessert!

IW Plain Bagels Our plain bagels are individually wrapped, which aids in handling for hospital staff, patients, and guests.